Important meeting push low vision work ahead

Deputy Prime Minister,  Mr. Gheorge Brega, this week received Help Moldova leaders Tatiana Ghidirimshi and Hans Bjørn Bakketeig to discuss future of low vision integration. . Picture: Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Gheorge Brega Dear friends! . Yesterday, 1st of February 2017, we had a fruitful meeting with Deputy Prime-Minister Mr. Gheorge Brega.  Mr. Brega thanked the Help Moldova Organization and Norwegian Government for their substantial help and support of eye care services in Moldova. . 2017 02 02 Brega + Alle

The Prime Minister and his advisors meeting Help Moldova Leaders..

Mr. Brega assured that soon there will be signed an agreement of collaboration between Hjelp Moldova Organisation, LOW VISION Centre, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labor and Social Protection and Ministry of Education.. 2017 02 02 HBB + Tatiana G

Tatiana Ghidirimshi and Hans Bjørn Bakketeig presenting future plans for developing eye care in the Republic of Moldova.

. All the best to all of you! Warm regards, Tatiana . Below: Link to Government of Moldova web-pages where you can read the official announcement from the meeting: Government Web Pages . Text: Tatiana Ghidirimshi Photo: Government of Moldova Edited by Kåre Ness/Help Moldova