First course conducted by Moldovian trainers completed!

Congratulations to the new graduates of the Basic Refraction for Ophthalmologists course conducted for the first time by Moldovan trainers. For Help Moldova Organization and all our collaborators this is an event of great importance! This course was the fourth in row, but the first to be conducted by Moldovians. Each cours lasts for 13 weeks, and contains a theoretical part as well as practice. The courses have been funded by Optometry Giving Sight and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Help Moldova. .   2015 12 18 Deltakjarar og instruktørar

Graduates and instructors of the Basic Refraction for Ophthalmologists course.


The graduates are young doctors residents from the 1-2 years of residency training in Ophthalmology. Most of them are from Chisinau except one from Cantemir, and one from Criuleni.


2015 12 18 Intruktørane Tatiana + Lilia Dumbraveanu+ May Ho+ Aurel Rusu + Cusnir .Instructors:  Dr Tatiana Ghidirimshi, director of Low Vision  Centre, Dr Lilia Dumbraveanu from Department of ophthalmology, Municipal University Hospital,  Dr Aurel Rusu, Department of ophthalmology, May Ho from Brien Holden Vision Institute, Australia,  and professor Dr Valeru Cusnir.  . ------------------ Tatiana Ghidrimshi/Kåre Ness