Counsellor Baskår´s speech at the opening ceremony

Herman Baskår, Counsellor/Deputy Head of Mission at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bucuresti represented the Norwegian government at the opening ceremony of the "new" Low Vison Centre in april 2016. Mr Baskår delivered this speech as he opened the new premises: Picture:  Counsellor Herman Baskår . ... we saw a possibility to contribute to lasting and systemic changes in the national health care. . Dear all   This is a day we have been waiting for!!  And we are very, very pleased to be here and see the achievement of a long struggle. Help Moldova has been active in this country for many years and the establishment of the Low Vision Centre is the fruit of the efforts of many people for more than a decade. . 2016 04 Herman + Daniel + TG + HBB

Proud people at the opening ceremony. Left: Tatiana Ghidirimshi, Director of Low Vision Centre. In the middle: Daniel (10) and Herman who together cut the line and opened the new centre. Right: Hans Bjørn Bakketeig, President of Help Moldova. (Photo: Kåre Ness)

. The Norwegian government and the embassy became involved at a later stage, and the reason was that we saw a possibility to contribute to lasting and systemic changes in the national health care. The Moldovan Law on the Social Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities from 2012, is extremely important.  We are proud to have been able to lend a hand. Today we can see a result of the organization’s efforts and the possibility for Help Moldova to achieve a whole range of goals, just to mention one: -    to give possibilities to visually impaired  people to take part in daily activities (school, study, work, social activities). This is of the utmost importance.  It means that a number of people will become active citizens and contribute to society and not be dependent on their families and the government to survive. It is a win-win situation for the persons concerned, and the Moldovan society and government. We do hope that with this centre in place, with the establishment of proper education in the fields of ophthalmology and op-tometry and the Moldovan government taking the responsibility that follows from The Law of Social Inclusion, the people suffering from low vision in Moldova can literally look forward to a brighter future as active and productive citizens. Thank you! ---------- Link to Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bucuresti: http://www.norvegia.ro/Embassy/Embassy-and-staff/embassy/#.Vy-Nq2Ou8o0
Kåre Ness