– Our most important donation ever

Help Moldova has delivered two new lasers to Moldova. The lasers can prevent 50.000 Moldovian citizens from getting blind. Please find below Hans Bjørn Bakketeig´s speech at the delivery of the new, high-technology equipment to the Republican Hospital and the Low Vision Centre in Moldova.
Dear Minister, honorable guests and friends!
The focus for the organization Help Moldova has for the last years been to better the condition in ophthalmology and optometry. The organization has delivered different medical equipment to almost all the policlinics and many hospitals in Moldova both for operations and diagnozing. And the goal is to give better service and possibilities for the patients. So today it is a real pleasure to be able to contribute with new and important equipment for treatment to Republican Hospital. Similar equipment has also been given to the Low Vision Centre. Both at the Low Vision Centre and Republican Hospital  now have a laser and a OCT.  (Optical coherance Tomography). OCT is an instrument to help with the diagnosis and to provide treatment guidance. This donation and the laser especially is probably the most important contribution ever to avoid blindness. Some years ago we delivered a similar laser to Municipal Hospital in Chisinau. The equipment is important for the hospitals to give a good service, but most of all it is important for the patients. The laser is important to avoid blindness. Without treatment, patients with the diagnose diabetic, get blind. In Moldova there are about 90-100.000 people with diabetes and about half of the patients get blind;  45 - 50.000 people. In comparison, Norway has a bit higher population then Moldova and in Norway it is less then 2000 from this group of patients getting blind. To have the possibility to give laser treatment is important to avoid blindness and it is a great cost benefit for the Moldovian society. You should also think about to make a screening program for this patientgroup. So I hope you understand the importance for this laser to work constantly.  It is also important that the equipment is available for all relevant doctors and also for young the resident-doctors. The residents represent the future, and for sure they will bring opthtalmology to new levels. This is a part of a 3 year project between organization Help Moldova and The Foreign Ministry in Norway, and it is important in the goal from the WHO program Vision 2020 to avoid unneccesary blindness. We will continue our work! We are in Moldova to help the people to keep their vision and also to provide optical aid for the visually impaired. We wish you good luck and I will be back regularly to see the equipment in use.  I expect to find open doors, and the lasers in full use! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Hans Bjørn Bakketeig/President of Help Moldova Organization